Tideways are supplied with a very full inventory but there are a number of extras we supply plus modifications to fittings and equipment  to existing boats. Examples are:

  • Trailers – to the Tideway specification for all boat sizes and models  Combi Trailers road trailers and launching trolleys are available with docking arms jockey wheels (with or without handles) and winches.
  • Trailer spare wheels
  • Outboard Brackets
  • Overhand straps and Chok-a-Blok’s (hull protectors)
  • Naming the boat –  by carving into the transom
  • Flat covers (supplied as standard on all new boats)  are available for all boats in a range of materials.
  • Mast-up Covers for use when the mast is left up are available for all boats in a range of materials.
  • New sails for all boats
  • Larger headsails – Genoas for Tideway 10 Gunter and Tideway 14 and Intermediate and Full Genoas for Tideways
  • Kit bags and Padded travel bag for rudder and tiller.
  • Special covers for camping on board / dinghy cruising
  • Additional and special fittings both standard and custom made. For example:
    • Fiddle on forward buoyancy tank
    • Tiller extensions in teak
    • Whisker poles
    • Anchors and warps