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Tideway Dinghies Limited is a small boatbuilding operation which it is generally recognised builds very attractive and well proven boats. We mainly produce boats in the Tideway range and finish them to a high standard of construction and equipment - no need to buy any extras to sail the boat. Sails rigging and all fittings are included as are oars and rowlocks a painter fenders floorboards and a flat cover.

Of the boats we build the flagship of the range is THE Tideway the 12ft. sailing dinghy sail numbers of which are now well over 500. We also build the Tideway 10 with either a lugsail or standing gunter rig and the Tideway 14.

We ourselves only directly build glassfibre hulled Tideways but can advise if you are thinking of a new wooden Tideway or even manage the project to build one as well as supplying directly many parts plus the sails rigging etc.

We frequently assist the owners of existing wooden boats with spares fittings and are always ready to give advice to owners of Tideways plus all those who have an interest in classic dayboats of the Tideway “ilk”.

Tideway Dinghies Limited is based at Maldon in Essex and operates by bringing together a group of individual craftsmen each experts with long experience to the building and finishing of the boats. Thus the glassfibre hull is the work of one expert and the wood build another whilst the mast and spars sails and rigging are all made by specialists.

We supply further equipment – for example trailers, outboard brackets and lightboards.

All purchasers of our boats are given first years membership to the Tideway Owners’ Association (see Links) and Tideways are Registered with them. We are proud of the relationship we have built up with the Association to the benefit of the Tideway class and those who own and sail them.