What a lovely boat; I didn’t think they made boats like that anymore… 

Tideways are unashamedly lovely boats – attractive, safe and fun to sail with a crew with the family or just by yourself. They are a balance of traditional and modern with high quality fibreglass hulls in simulated clinker style coupled with wood in the build. We like to think of our Tideway range as wooden clinker dinghies with a glassfibre hull! Designed to be seaworthy for safe and secure sailing on the coast or in the estuary exploring the rivers and creeks and sailing around the islands on a lake.

The performance is good but not the main aim of the design.  Some Tideways are raced as classic dayboats in some clubs on handicap but they are not designed for highly competitive “round the cans” events. We don’t sell wet suits.

Tideways are boats you sit in and not on with a simple but effective rig and an easy reefing system. They are made to be kept on a trailer and are straightforward to launch and recover and all are built to take an outboard.

Built in the Swallows and Amazons tradition of safe and fun sailing and  set up for safety and ease of handling. They are well known in the dinghy cruising scene and a number have been specially fitted out for such sailing – (see Extending your Tideway) – but most are used by their owner and crew for day sailing.

“….that’s a lovely boat…..”